2023 Holiday Donations

We are Grateful.

In the festive spirit of the Holiday Season, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to those who offer support within our communities. With gratitude and on behalf of our clients, donations have been made to these remarkable organizations:

Chionesu Bakari Program for Young Men

The Chionesu Bakari Program for Young Men is an organization that offers support for young black men in the community as well as their families. It is a year-round program that offers mentoring, college tours, exposure to historical sites, and enrichment for parents. It focuses on imparting life skills, leadership, teamwork, brotherhood, responsibility, integrity, respect, accountability, and compassion. Chionesu Bakari serves ages 8 to 18 and has positively affected close to 500 young men in its 15-year tenure. You can find more information on their website, youngblackmanonline.org, and ways to offer your support here.

St Joseph of the Holy Family Food Pantry

St Joseph of the Holy Family Food Pantry is across the street from the Zebra Strategies offices. St Joseph’s is among the oldest operational food pantries in New York City, having been established in 1877. They are volunteer lead and provide vital services to an average of 500 families per month. Anyone in need is able to receive groceries twice a month. You can find more information and ways to offer your support on their website: www.stjosephsharlem.com/food-pantry

Black Trans Travel Fund

Black Trans Travel Fund is a collective that provides financial and material resources to make it easier for Black Transgender Women to travel. BTTF aims to connect communities internationally and promote the ability for Black Trans Women to travel to locations that can provide them with more safety and means for success. Even with a small team, they have a global impact. They provide support to Black Trans Women in Jamaica, Cuba, and across the continent of Africa. Throughout its tenure, BTTF has redistributed over $500,000 to women in need, relying mainly on the generosity of community donations. You can find more information about Black Trans Travel Fund and ways to offer your support on their website: www.blacktranstravelfund.com/

Hearts and Homes for Refugees

Hearts & Homes for Refugees is a volunteer-driven nonprofit organization founded on the belief that grassroots welcoming communities are the local solution to the global refugee crisis. They resettle refugees in local communities and inspire, educate, and equip others to do the same. So far in 2023, Hearts & Homes has served 314 clients, matched 20 new refugee households (67 individuals) to Community Sponsorship cohorts, and more than 355 active volunteers have stepped up to offer support. The refugees they serve represent countries from across the globe. You can find more information about Hearts & Homes for Refugees and ways to offer your support on their website: www.heartsandhomesforrefugees.org/

Happy Holidays from Zebra Strategies. Here’s to a great 2024!


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