We Are the Love Child of Curiosity
and Non-Judgement

Researchers, market strategists, confidants. By leading with compassionate empathy, we create a safe space for our research subjects to voice what you need to hear for your work to be inclusive and successful.

Who We Are

Zebra Strategies is a woman- and minority-owned/led qualitative and quantitative market research and strategy firm specializing in marginalized, vulnerable, and hard-to-reach populations. 

Deeper, richer insights than traditional marketing firms...

Deeper, richer insights than traditional marketing firms with our unique ability to gain trust from guarded populations

Actionable recommendations...

Actionable recommendations
that enable your team to do its best work

A process that is tailored to your inclusivity objectives...

A process that is tailored to your inclusivity objectives, producing better products, campaigns, and bottom lines for you

Our research subjects often hide their feelings, staying quiet because of invisibility, distrust, and fear. To us, they are zebras—masters of camouflage, yet beautiful and unique because of the stripes that allow them to hide. We are your expert in revealing the stripes around you.

Who You Are

We are as curious about you as we are about our research subjects. All we ask is that you have:

  • An open mind, especially if culture, race, or experience is different from your own
  • Curiosity without assumptions or judgments
  • Acceptance that there is much you have yet to know

Our Five Central Tenets™


Cultural Humility

in every interaction


Racial Concordance

in all research results



handling of experiences


Cultural Currency

in establishing connections



by elevating empathy to action

Founder and CEO

Denene Jonielle Rodney

Denene created Zebra Strategies because she wanted to provide a conduit through which multimillion-dollar corporations, agencies, and organizations could understand the importance of trust and truth in culture, ethnicity, and socioeconomic experiences. Her unique research methods take into account the nuances that someone with a more traditional background might overlook, and she takes pride in the fact that it’s her job to not only acknowledge those differences but to bring them to life when developing insightful strategic marketing plans for her clients.

Known for her warmth and humor, she creates a safe space for people to open up, tell their stories, and maintain their dignity.  She has a unique ability to communicate with someone having a sixth-grade education, just as easily as with a room full of corporate executives. Her mission for everyone is the same: give people a voice, lift them up, and increase opportunities, thereby gently shaping the world into a better place.

“We are humbled by the trust given to us over the years and remain dedicated to bettering lives and communities.”

Our Team of Helping Hands

Get to know us! Learn a little bit more about the helping hands who work hard, building connections and making a difference every day.

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"The hand is the visible part of the brain."

Immanuel Kant

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