We Will Take You Everywhere but Your Comfort Zone

The impact of your products, services, social initiatives, and user experiences largely depends on your ability to be open and inclusive. Still learning how to engage with underserved communities? We have curated the best approaches and resources to tackle these conversations with dignity, cultural competence, and direct experience.

Our Process

We start with trademarked research methodology, trusted community bonds, and a nationwide proprietary database with an average of 1,000 new potential participants each month. From there, we guide you all the way through:


the potential for your company or service in underrepresented communities


the right questions and research methodology for the right audiences


thorough qualitative and quantitative research


delicate research issues so that our tribe remains trusting


 the right insights related to your needs


data analysis, turning those insights into effective strategies

Our Tactics

Novel Study Design

We customize an approach to your objectives that also accounts for the nuances and unspoken rules of engagement within these populations.

Focus Group Curation

We do not recruit; we lead with empathy to build lasting relationships with vulnerable populations.

Surveys Where They Are

We survey at the malls, streets, and other locations that make our participants comfortable enough to speak honestly.

Dialogue Via Devices

We increase our ability to reach guarded populations by connecting through everyday technology that is familiar.

Moderation Through Understanding

With open minds and hearts, we have direct conversations with people sharing views about their community, culture, wants, and needs.

Usability Optimization

We collect information that improves engagement through UX exploration and refinement.

Field Management

Nationwide, regional, and local.

Deep Engagement

Facilitation and recruiting triads, dyads, buddy groups, and off-site focus groups.

Trusted Interactions for Truthful Results

No matter the step in our process or the tactic we have employed, the establishment of Overarching Trust is key to our entire approach.

It Starts with You

We establish a candid, open conversation to define your needs and objectivesas we explore touchy subjects and unknown markets.

Safe spaces for marginalized populations to share the intimate details of their habits and behaviors

Facilitators who live the culture and language of our subjects

Dignity, respect, and compassion for trauma

Proprietary method of forging meaningful interactions so you can take positive action

Instinct to stay ahead of the cultural curve


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