A Legacy of Understanding the Underserved

We are your insider for market research and strategy
that amplifies the voices of marginalized, vulnerable
and hard-to-engage populations

We are not visiting, we live here—
Zebra Strategies has created trusted bonds with hard-to-reach communities for more than 20 years, allowing us to deliver eye-opening qualitative and quantitative insights.

We Live This

We run on eye-to-eye overstanding of the needs, aspirations, and bravery of hard-to-reach, underserved populations. To us, our audiences are as sacred as their perspectives. We reach beyond empathy to engage deeply for the actionable insights and strategies that you need.

Trusted Interactions for Truthful Results

Invite us to a dinner party and we will bring a serving of real talk to the table. Our unique, two-pronged approach was designed to find overarching truth:


 We establish a candid, open conversation to define your needs and objectives as we explore touchy subjects and unknown markets.


We create non-stigmatizing relationships and safe spaces that establish trust and dignity for any individual’s circumstances, providing us with their truly hidden and humbling insights.

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Focus Groups Conducted Nationwide

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Group Participants Recruited Nationwide

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Ad Campaigns Tested

Insight Drivers

UX, POS, Diaries

The Insider Legacy

For 20+ years, we have built strong relationships with groups often overlooked and underrepresented by general population research, gaining access to guarded information from distrustful audiences. As a result, our clients learn about different races, genders, identities, cultures, and life experiences—and how to bring all of it alive in their strategies.

  • AAPI
  • Black
  • Hispanic / Latinx
  • Immigrants
  • Intersectionality
  • In-language
  • Low-tech
  • Lower SES
  • Native Indian
  • People with disabilities
  • Populations affected by health disparities

Our Clients

We are proud to have earned our stripes working with clients that include Fortune 500 companies in technology and healthcare, government and public advocacy offices, and community organizations. These are a few of the clients working to make a difference.

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Our Social Investments

This year, our contribution will focus on marginalized, vulnerable, and hard-to-engage populations, aligning directly with our legacy and work.

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