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We help organizations uncover eye-opening, research backed business solutions on the deepest needs of cross-cultural, vulnerable, hard-to-reach, and under-served populations. Be curious, not judgmental.

Zebra Strategies can help you better understand the ideals, attitudes, and needs of groups that are often ignored by mainstream market research companies. A sampling of just a few of the topics and communities we work with: 

People of Color

Hispanic (Bilingual/Spanish-speaking)



Trans male
Trans female

On the Spot interviewing

Intercept interviewer professionally trained
Street team 

Hard to Reach Populations

Intersectionality of vulnerable, LGBTQ, POC, disease state we layer this in with the general distrust these populations have with those charged to assist them and thus remain voiceless and intimated.

Who we are

Zebra Strategies is an ethnic market research company with two decades of experience in tackling challenging research projects and gathering deep insights for Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, and government agencies on hard-to-reach populations. We practice cultural empathy — creating safe, non-stigmatizing environments that establish trust and dignity for research subjects no matter their circumstances. We approach research projects with no assumptions, and show up with big wide open minds of curiosity and humility. 

Invite us to a dinner party and we’ll take our side of potatoes with a serving of real talk. In conversation we don’t mind going there – having the uncomfortable but eye-opening discussions that moves us all towards better connection and understanding, with the utmost grace and respect. We create ground-breaking solutions to nuanced market problems because when others shy away, we go there.




Years in business


Minority owned


Focus groups conducted
(national and international)


Business revenue has doubled yearly over the last three years


Recruited participants for various focus groups


Ad campaigns tested for cultural, socioeconomic and ethnic appropriateness

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