An Immigrant's Perspective on Black History and Career Success: Insights from Kerice Hyatt

"I'm here to contribute and impact our culture and make a legacy for my family. We all have a role in creating a mark, whether big or small."

Breaking Barriers and Inspiring Others: A Discussion on Black Immigrant Career Success

How do you feel being an immigrant/child of an immigrant impacted what you saw as career possibilities?

As young immigrants to the U.S. states, there are high expectations from parents to have achievements in law, medicine, and banking. But as budding professionals, the perception of career possibilities is typically focused on these narrow categories. So so first and second-generation immigrant frames their career prospects around these industries–the breadth of opportunities in these industries and beyond needs to be discussed and explored at home. 

Do you feel the Black American experience is different than the experience of Black Immigrants? 

I developed many close relationships personally and professionally with Black Americans,and from those connections, I witnessed that the black diaspora equally faces the same social challenges today. One of the biggest hindrances to people of color is socioeconomic experiences, access to education and experiences. Irrespective of your cultural identity, exposure to what is possible makes a difference in helping people to strive for individual success.

What was the goal for you? What helped to drive you to your accomplishments?

‘kickass’ women inspire me – the ones that are intelligent, confident, and ambitious. I aim to model these characteristics to build success for myself, but most importantly, to create a seat at the table for another generation of immigrant women. It’s important to recognize that success is not singular; seeing what others have accomplished and what is attainable impacts others.

Were there any rules of thumb or sayings repeated to you in your childhood that you live by to this very day?

“All they can say is no”– that might sound counterintuitive. I took from it, never fearing the unknown. At best, the door will open. At worst, that is not the right door at the moment.

 Pick three theme songs for your life. One for childhood, one for when you just entered the working world, and what’s your current theme song?

Greatest Love of All – Whitney Houston

Eye of the Tiger – Katy Perry

Take up Space Sis – Toni Jones


Did you know that by being who you are and pursuing your aspirations, you would be helping to write the following chapters of Black History? How does that make you feel?

Yes, I’m here to contribute and impact our culture and make a legacy for my family. We all have a role in creating a mark, whether big or small.

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