Breaking Boundaries: The Legacy-Driven Career Journey of Noelyn Rodney, a Black Immigrant

"The expectation is that you excel is whatever you put your hand to. It's my goal to do just that"

Exploring the Impact of Family, Culture, and Personal Values on Pursuing Success and Making History

 How do you feel being an immigrant/child of an immigrant impacted what you saw as career possibilities?

Yes, in the sense that I don’t feel limited, my family is large, and i mean large; I have representation from physicians, artists, and industry thought leaders worldwide, each excelling in their own lane. I think having a front-row seat to observe them allowed me to dream past the standard lawyer, doctor, and engineer roles most immigrant children feel pressured to fill.

Do you feel the Black American experience is different than the experience of Black Immigrants? 

Yes, It’s a different culture. How do you think those differences help or hinder you? I’m not sure if they do or not. I will say it’s important to take the initiative to learn the history of Black people in America and around the world.

What was the goal for you? What helped to drive you to your accomplishments?

Legacy. I was raised with the understanding that my family had high expectations of me. The expectation is that you excel is whatever you put your hand to. It’s my goal to do just that.

Were there any rules of thumb or sayings repeated to you in your childhood that you live by to this very day? 

It’s a funny one, a Jamaican saying, “Puss an dawg nuh ave di same luck.: Translation, life isn’t fair, be an auction; just because someone else got away with no repercussions doesn’t mean that’s will be your faith.

Pick three theme songs for your life. One for childhood, one for when you just entered the working world, and what’s your current theme song?

Childhood theme song – Three Little Birds – Bob Marley. 

Working world theme song – Buju Banton – Untold Stories

urrent theme song – Michelle Williams – Say Yes

Did you know that by being who you are and pursuing your aspirations, you would be helping to write the following chapters of Black History? How does that make you feel?

No, I never thought about it like that. I’ll be someone’s ancestor one day, and I hope to make them proud. This makes me smile thought and gives me some added encouragement.

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