Ciara Bradley: Overcoming Challenges and Delivering Success

"Being a Black "Female" Entrepreneur means that I have become part of breaking and rewriting History."

What does being a Black Female Entrepreneur mean to you?

As a Black Female Entrepreneur, I am, and those like me, are exemplary of courage and achievement.  For me, it means so much more than a title or the currency that my businesses bring.  I feel gratified and respected that I can provide services to all people despite the challenges that Blacks, in general, face due to cyclical systemic discrimination.

Being a Black Entrepreneur means that my accomplishments can be emulated by my fellow sisters and brothers from the minority and diverse communities. Those people are the ones who believe in “If she can, then I can.” But most importantly for me, being a Black “Female” Entrepreneur means that I have become part of breaking and rewriting History.

When the atmosphere becomes challenging, what drives you to keep going?   

I am driven by challenges, PERIOD.  However, the word I would substitute is “overwhelming”. When the challenges become overwhelming, in addition to prayer, I grab my “Made for Success” journal and rewrite my goals and other ways to achieve them.  Funny as it sounds, when I defeat just one of my challenges, it motivates me to overcome others. 

What advice do you have for Black Women who may be considering entrepreneurship?

My advice to other Black Women pursuing business/entrepreneurship is to FIRST seek purpose, have a blueprint of your current and future goals and projects, and, lastly, be passionate in all that you pursue. If you don’t have the passion for it – let it go.

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