Black History Month: The Immigrant Impact

Black History is comprised of many stories. Countless perspectives and experiences remind us, we often under express the impact Black lives have on our society when we overgeneralize. Bonding over the similarities while appreciating and learning from the differences help us grow with compassion, strength, understanding, problem solving, and in love. This month, Zebra Strategies would like to explore the nuances of Black duplicity and individuality by honoring the Black Immigrant experience.
- Denene Rodney

Dr. Keneca Boyce as a child of immigrants, has experienced the limitations of limited exposure to diverse career opportunities, but has also seen the transformative power of hard work and perseverance in breaking down those barriers and pursuing their aspirations.

Carol Watson, a proud Jamaican-American (Jamerican), shares her experiences as an immigrant and child of immigrants on their impact on career possibilities. She stresses the importance of education and exposure in shaping career aspirations, and credits her life-long curiosity and determination to her parents and cultural influences.

Growing up as the child of an immigrant taught Dr. Canela Una Eatman to embrace differences and strive towards their goals. They were taught to relax and not worry by their grandmother, which they still abide by. Dr. Canela Una Eatman feels proud to be part of Black History and make a positive impact on the community

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