Trans Awareness Month

Trans Awareness Month: November 2022

Trans Awareness Month

At Zebra Strategies, we are proud to have collaborated extensively with the transgender community, conducting dozens of studies.

We’ve spoken with many members of the transgender community through online diaries, focus groups, and individual interviews about issues such as access to healthcare, online discrimination, triggering products/services, stigma, and sexual health.

Our findings have helped inform equitable product design and communications by determining how tech/social media can provide greater inclusivity and by identifying how pharmaceutical companies can effectively position long-acting HIV treatments and PrEP.

This Transgender Awareness Month is an opportunity to celebrate, honor, and stand up for the trans community – and raise awareness about the discrimination they still face.

While the visibility of transgender people has become more authentic, the transgender community is still met with considerable disadvantages, encountering significant barriers in accessing healthcare and facing high levels of violence, discrimination, and poverty. All of these realities mean transgender people – especially trans people of color – experience extremely high levels of minority stress, resulting in poor mental and physical health.

We will continue to work with our partners who are members of the transgender community. We hope to work with clients who make it a priority to combat stigma, build trust, and increase access for people of the trans experience.

As advocates and allies, we must continue to amplify their voices and create equitable change, so they can live with the dignity and equality they deserve.

Link is to the U.S. Trans Survey about issues they face –

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