Discover Black Women Entrepreneurs and Their Incredible Stories - Celebrating Black History

Black History is rich in story, overcoming, and accomplishment. Contributions are vast, from the personal to the majority, and we celebrate them all. This year, Zebra Strategies has chosen to highlight Black Women Entrepreneurs. Women who decided what they wanted, either out of need or desire, and rose to the occasion. We tell their stories and remind ourselves that experiences matter, not just for ourselves but to make the walk easier for those who come after us. As a Black Woman Entrepreneur, I take great pride in honoring these women, their drive, courage, and commitment. Every day, we share in cultivating the accomplishments that will become Black History. Zebra Strategies salutes these women for striving, surviving, and thriving.

– Denene Rodney, CEO & Founder

Cheryl Gentry is the Founder & CEO of Glow Global Events, an award-winning full-service events agency, specializing in high-touch high-impact events and solutions.

Suzanne Randolph is the Founder & CEO of The Alix Experience, a travel agency geared towards women who travel solo. They strive to foster connection through cultural experiences.

Cheryl McCants is the Founder & CEO of Impact Consulting Enterprises, a full-service agency that offers a suite of services to craft and enhance stories to help businesses reach their goals

Janet Dickerson is the Co-Founder & Principal at Human Impact Solutions, a boutique agency that offers integrated public relations, marketing, and strategic communications.

Ingrid Thibodeaux is the Founder of Citi Approved Enterprise LLC, a construction company operating in New Orleans. It was initially created to help neighbors in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, but has since grown into a commercial company.

Patricia Taitt-Forrester is the president of Triumph Business & Career Solutions

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