The importance of matching researchers to participants demographics

matching researchers to participants demographics

Gathering representative data requires matching researchers to appropriate participants. Many businesses make the mistake of creating social research on the convenience of sampling participants rather than using the most appropriate demographics or candidates. This means that few researchers achieve sample studies that represent the general population.

This creates invalidity in many social studies. As our population grows, we are becoming increasingly ethnically diverse. There is a combination of political and economic forces in all communities across the globe, attributing to a shift in our society. Globalization has improved access to travel, which means that as a society, we are becoming more and more diverse year on year. For a social study to represent this diverse community, it would need to get down to business and use a wide range of ethnicities, sexualities, genders, etc., in its participant research. 

Using the right demographics in research means capturing and representing the opinions of different people, which is essential. A platform like Zebra Strategies will take your market research to the next level; using their partner sites, and you will be able to develop better research groups that accurately reflect the general population. Zebra Strategies will help you understand the ideas, attitudes, and needs of groups that are often ignored by mainstream market research companies.

Why is it important to represent all minorities in social studies

The increase in ethnic communities and linguistic groups, each with their cultural traits and health profiles, presents a significant challenge for researchers. Yet, despite our increasingly diverse population, individuals from minority ethnic backgrounds remain frequently under-represented in social studies, with recent findings suggesting that this is happening in the UK, Europe, and the USA.

The representation of minority ethnic groups in social research has been identified as an essential component of reducing inequalities in healthcare. Therefore, if increasingly diverse communities benefit from implementing appropriately derived evidence, the ethnic diversity of populations under study must be reflected in clinical studies.

How to match researchers to participants

At Zebra strategies, we are committed to connecting our organizations to the most fitting participants possible, ensuring that you have as valid a study as you can achieve. Our business focuses on cultural empathy, and we aim to create a safe, non-stigmatizing environment that establishes trust and dignity for research subjects no matter their circumstances. We approach research projects with no assumptions and show up with open minds of curiosity and humility.

Get in touch with our team today to discuss what we can offer your organization or research department, from research study design, focus group recruiting, in-depth interviews or online and mobile research – we’ve got your back!

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