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Rosemarie Ingleton's journey from a working-class family in Jamaica to a renowned dermatologist and entrepreneur in New York City is a testament to the power of hard work, perseverance, and a supportive community. Despite facing limitations related to economics and social class, Rosemarie's father's early encouragement and her mother's constant support nurtured her innate drive to succeed.

Owning Uncertainty: how to say ” I don’t know” While we know that the first step to understanding is being willing to …

Carol Watson, a proud Jamaican-American (Jamerican), shares her experiences as an immigrant and child of immigrants on their impact on career possibilities. She stresses the importance of education and exposure in shaping career aspirations, and credits her life-long curiosity and determination to her parents and cultural influences.

Closing the digital divide with mobile optimization The digital divide is a huge issue. And not only for all American citizens but …

Judy Jackson, President of JLC Ventures, shares her experience as an immigrant and how it impacted her career possibilities. She believes that being an immigrant child made her feel that she could achieve anything. Resilience plays a key role in overcoming obstacles. She shares her guiding principles and her favorite childhood, working, and current theme songs. She never saw herself as making history but hopes she has made a difference in the companies and organizations she has supported.

Amplifying voices and advancing society: Mamie & Kenneth Clark’s Doll Studies Challenging power structures from the inside, working the cracks within the …

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