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Raquel Graham, a successful entrepreneur and child of Jamaican immigrants, learned the value of hard work and landed a coveted job on Wall Street before becoming her own boss. She serves as a role model for her children and the Black community, using her experience to inspire others to pursue their aspirations and contribute to Black history.

Prudence Plummer, Vice President at American Express Company, offers valuable insights for women of color navigating the corporate world. Plummer emphasizes the importance of striving to be the best version of oneself and acknowledges the universal challenges that women of color face in the workplace. As a leader in her field, she continues to inspire and shape the future generation, contributing to the chapters of Black History.

Discover the inspiring career journey of NoelynRodney, a Black immigrant who defied limitations and pursued her dreams with a legacy-driven mindset. Learn how her family, culture, and personal values influenced her path to success and discover the lessons she has learned along the way

Kerice Hyatt shares her inspiring journey as an immigrant and how it impacted her career aspirations. She discusses the importance of breaking free from limiting career expectations and how exposure to new possibilities can lead to individual success, as well as her personal mission to create a legacy for her family and contribute to the culture.

Chris Chambers, the child of immigrants and Founder of The Chamber Group, stresses the importance of mental fortitude in pursuing professional success. He believes that the challenges of being a Black immigrant are unique, but that the Black experience is unified. Chambers is committed to representing Black excellence and making history.

Nadine Roper discusses her pride in achieving success in the corporate world and the impact of being a Black immigrant. Her upbringing instilled values of hard work and high standards that continue to motivate her. Despite challenges, her childhood lessons on doing well in all things keep her driven to excel.

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